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2020 monthly calendar template


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5 minutes ago, fred2112 said:

this is not formatted correctly in my evernote web.  Does anyone have the same issue and have a solution?

I briefly looked at the templates and they look ok1570254335_ScreenShot2020-01-13at10_53_02PM.png.fee4891d2271455ae86b66144d20a449.png

Can you add detail on the "not formatted correctly"

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Did anyone find a solution or cause to this? My template was fine at first and now it looks like the above. It won’t let me delete anything either. This happened to me with the 2019 calendar as well. 

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Hi.  Don't know about any follow ups to this,  but I don't use the templates anyway.  Evernote (or someone) has done the hard work,  but you could replicate a template by creating a note with tables and duplicating that 12 times,  then manually adding dates and a suitable name for each separate month.  A pain to do,  I accept,  but if you really need that layout...

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I had this suddenly happen with my calendar as well. It appeared on my Google Chromebook and iPhone XR. I attempted to create a new calendar on my phone. It was the original template. For a moment, it worked on the Chromebook too. Then, clicked to another note and it too reverted to this Day of Week/Date of Week separation. The new monthly calendar is still showing up the original template on my phone. 

Does anyone know how to fix this? It's very important I have the template working in its proper format. 

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