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I am not able to stay logged into Evernote on my iphone 8 iOS 13.3. After I log in successfully, within a few seconds, whenever I switch between apps, or whenever my screen locks, I have to log back in with my full username and password. I have revoked access from the phone, uninstalled and reinstalled, deleted any integrations with other third party apps. Still the same issue. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!!


Activity logs attached in case anyone ones to take a look.

com.evernote.iPhone.Evernote 2020-01-13--18-55-21-414.log com.evernote.iPhone.Evernote 2020-01-13--23-29-41-042.log

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my wife has the same problem, apparently. She did contact the customer service, did everything what they said (reinstalled the app, deleted all sync options, etc.) and nothing helped so far it seems to be connected with her account in some sort of a way. Whenever she log in on my iPad, it works without problems. Obviously it might help to start a new account, but the one that crashes has prepaid year premium subscription. 
please help out, cause she just made it a main app for her job and it’s very irritating, especially when she already paid for the subscription. 
she run the app on iPad Pro ios13.3 


thank you in advance

p Kapička

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