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Enabling 2-Step Verification Issue

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I had 2-Step Verification enabled and had to disable it just for a minute in order to switch to a different Authenticator App on my phone.

The problem is that I'm no longer able to enable the 2-Step Verification because the Evernote page wants to send a verification code to both my email address and also an SMS to my phone. Even though I entered my cell phone number, I've never received an SMS from Evernote. I tried this process several times.

That looks like a bug to me, because if I want to configure a authenticator app I shouldn't have to enter my phone number. Also the page shows "A verification code (via text message or an authenticator app)".  It states clearly one or the other, NOT BOTH!

Is this a bug on Evernote site? What's happening here?

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I'm a Evernote member since June 22nd, 2011. I also have been using 2-Step Verification for over a year without any issues.


I've never had my cell phone number configured in my account, and the 2-Step Verification always worked fine. This means when I first configured the 2-Step Verification, I wasn't asked to provide my cell phone number.

Why Evernote is now asking for both email and phone number verification?

How can I remove my phone number from my account?

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Thanks for the reply, but that is not right:


That message just means that paid users can choose their preferred app. Free users have to use Google Authenticator. 

And anyway, there is no way to enable an email or text option for a free user. The process requires receiving a text message and verifying it before anything can happen. Here is where it gets stuck:


If I click on the "Didn't receive" link the whole thing starts again. 

PS I was a subscriber before, for several years. 

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I have joined Evernote recently and am enjoying using this to improve my productivity. I wanted to enable two step verification to increase security. I did this and got the back up codes, which I have safe, so I thought all was good, but when I check the status of my account it advises 2 Step verification is not active? I tried to repeat the activation, but this isn't working? any ideas? Also I tried to send evernote support an email using the web page form, I can complete it, but it doesn't let me submit? Anyone know if this functionality is deactivated due to the COVID 19 - or is it me?

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Since it needs to be verified, activation can take a little time. If there is a choice, I would go for the Authenticator app instead of receiving messages.

With EN most Authenticator apps work, not only the Google Authenticator. I use the Microsoft Authenticator since many years, and even the codes produced by my password manager are o.k. So there is a lot of flexibility.

The SMS feature was broken in the past by criminals that managed to change the address of the phone account. They then had a new SIM card send to the bogus address, put it on a phone and catchend the 2FA codes. This will not happen with an app.

In general: If it takes (too) much time on security issues, go to support right away.

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On 8/15/2020 at 9:57 PM, PinkElephant said:

Since it needs to be verified, activation can take a little time. If there is a choice, I would go for the Authenticator app instead of receiving messages.

The problem is that im trying to enable the authenticator app. To do that im forced to validate both email and sms before. The email takes forever to deliver (and most of the time my session has expired by then) and even if i get the email in time the sms never comes. so im UNABLE to go for the Authenticator app. 

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Entering a phone number is required to initially enable 2FA. Once enabled, however, you can choose to use an authenticator app instead of SMS. Having the phone number on file gives you a fallback in case something happens with the authenticator app.

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