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How can I get a list of all attachments in notes? I want to compare the list of attachments with an external list of PDFs to see which ones are missing from Evernote. Ideally the list of attachments will include the note title, notebook, and tags.

Context: I have hundreds of reference PDFs attached as notes. I use Evernotes search capability to find which note has the content I need. Some of the PDFs were added to Evernote via the Watch folder facility in Windows. Some were added manually. The names on some of the notes have been changed so I cannot simply simply on a list of note titles.

I can use Windows/Mac/iOS as necessary for this. 

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These suggestion help to give a size to my problem. I have 1179 notes with PDFs in them, including some which are not my current concern. 734 are tagged. There will be some of interest I failed to tag.

 I have 1034 PDFs in my windows subfolders which I want to have all in Evernote. I know there are some which I haven't yet added. 


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Create 2 folders, one with the attachments from EN, one with all pdfs you want, create 2 lists from the directory content as text files, import them into Excel, convert them to data sheets (tables) with identical format, join them, compare them (using a function like VLOOKUP).

Then import the missing pdfs into EN.

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Thanks. Saving the attachments from the  resource:application/pdf notes was quicker than I expected. Using dir *.pdf /S /B >list.txt gave me the lists I was able to manipulate in Excel to find the difference. It also found some duplicates.

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