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Pressing enter button deletes all text in a note

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This is an old question but it exactly describes what's happening to me.

  • Lenovo T470
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Notebook is shared with one other user who is not viewing or editing

I have made a list of lines of text and gone back to flesh them out (my "headings")

If I press enter twice, everything south of the cursor is deleted, as well as several lines above where the cursor is.

The same behavior is exhibited whether the "heading" is in

  • with plain text
  • with underlined text
  • with bold text
  • is a list item or not
  • is a numbered item or not
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Hi.  You posted in a 5-year old thread about iOS issues which have long-since been resolved.  There was a second post where you confirm that you have rebooted your computer,  which I couldn't move here too.  I'll just kill that post.

Is it possible you somehow highlighted the other text when moving the cursor around?  It's not expected behaviour for text to be affected by cursor actions.  If not,  I can only suggest that you carefully sync your account,  sign out and uninstall / reinstall the app to see if this issue continues.  You might also want to contact Support via https://twitter.com/evernotehelps

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