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first time user of web clipper - issues in Chrome browser for screenshots

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Using latest version of Chrome on a MacBook Air. Have the Web Clipper extension.  

I want to clip a screenshot from a web page, and post it into a Evernote note I am currently working in.

When i choose save screenshot to Evernote I was expecting the extension to allow me to drag and crop an image to set the screenshot I want (not copy the whole screen, just the area of my choice) and then save / paste it into the note I am in. Every time it just creates a new note for me and it is a screenshot of the whole screen. 

Can anyone help?


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I'm in a totally different browser and OS situation, so I don't know that my experience will be relevant. I just tried using the Web clipper to take a screenshot (I don't usually do so), and it put up a set of cross-hairs to let me select the area to clip, and then even popped up an editing/annotating window to process the clip. So it may be a Chrome or Mac issue. FYI, Web clipper will always create a new note--that's its purpose. 

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8 minutes ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

FYI, Web clipper will always create a new note--that's its purpose.

...but depending on how many images you're messing with,  once the note is synced with your desktop (Clipped notes and images go to the web server first) it's easy to merge notes together,  or to copy and paste images from one note to another.  I just did something similar between my Android phone and an Evernote note.  I shared two screenshots with Evernote from the phone,  synced phone and laptop to get the images to my local app,  then copied and pasted the note images into my original note.

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Yes, @gazumped, once the multiple notes are in existence they can be merged in a desktop app. I don't think that's possible in any version of the Web browser interface. IAC, the question pertains to Web Clipper in Chrome on a MacBook Air. I'm hoping someone who uses EN in that environment will pop in with an idea on why it's not allowing the selection of an area to clip.

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