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EN on Windows no longer functional

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I have been an EN premium member for years but I lost my job and times are tough right now so I am on the free plan but I am almost ready to just give up on EN entirely because the windows desktop app is essentially inoperable because of this pop-up message requesting you to upgrade your account (see below)

No matter how many times you close the pop-up , click "no thanks" , or even hit "upgrade": it just goes away for half a second and re-appears again!  

It is so pervasive that I cant even create new notes or open old ones because it wont let you do anything while the pop-up is there

I have tried to reinstall , use the Esc key, etc and NOTHING WORKS

Please advise , I dont want to leave EN but I will be left with no choice if this cant be resolved (it only happens on the Windows Desktop app for both windows 7 & 10)




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Hi, and welcome to the forums. This certainly sounds maddening. The fact that it says "This note cannot be synced" suggests that the problem may have to do with one particularly large note. If that's the case, I wonder whether turning off synchronization altogether for awhile (Tools > Options > Synchronization), and then splitting that large note into smaller ones, would fix it. If all else fails, could you upgrade to Premium for a single month, split up the large note, and then drop back to Basic? Or, more simply, shut down the Evernote program altogether, using File > Exit (the red X box only closes the interface), or Task Manager if necessary. Then go to the Evernote Web interface (https://www.evernote.com/client/web) and see if you can find the oversized note and break it up there. Then uninstall the Windows EN app, delete any remaining Evernote-related folders, and reinstall. That will require it to rebuild the database from the servers, which should now no longer have the oversized note.

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