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Feature request: hope that Evernote could support setting hotkey to quick show/hide Evernote main window in Mac or Windows

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That's a really good idea. I'm sure many people have their own ways of doing this already with 3rd-party hotkey managers. I've got a Logitech keyboard that lets you program the Fn+F-key combinations, and I use Fn+F2 to call Evernote. But that doesn't work on my laptop, and I'd love to have a dedicated Evernote shortcut to do it. I'd recommend posting this in the General Feature Requests forum (after checking to be sure it's not already there): https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/304-general-feature-requests/.

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In Windows, you can use the provided "Find in Evernote" shortcut key to bring up Evernote from anywhere, albeit in position to do a new search. Win+ArrowDown minimises the current program, so dismissing Evernote is already done. You can also make your own shortcuts (https://gizmodo.com/create-your-own-keyboard-shortcuts-to-do-anything-on-wi-1821529700) or use third-party programs like AutoHotKey to do this sort of stuff.

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