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Is Losing Notes a Thing?

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I just lost 37 minutes worth of notes.

I am using Evernote on Evernote.com with their Beta Editor on my fully updated Windows 10 PC with the most current version of Google Chrome.

The notes were not long, but I worked hard on them. They also had about 3 screenshots. I didn't realize losing notes was a possibility so I did not save my screenshots to my PC.

I was taking notes on a video tutorial I was watching and clicking back and forth between Evernote.com and the other site on a different monitor.

I was connected to the internet the whole time since I was watching a video simultaneously.

Out of the blue, I look up and see my note is empty, labeled "Untitled" and was updated 37 minutes ago.

There is no note history, there is no undo, there is nothing in the trash. There is no note on my iOS devices. It's like 37 minutes was simply erased.

I started using this product because it suited my purposes very well and was even considering upgrading. However I can't even send an email support ticket as a free user and if I'm encountering such a horrendous bug as to erase notes I spent 37 minutes of my life creating, there is no way I'm gonna dish out any cash for this product.

So my question to the forums is:

Is this a thing? Will it happen all the time? Should I cut my losses?


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On 1/6/2020 at 5:02 PM, Darxy said:

So my question to the forums is:

Is this a thing? Will it happen all the time? Should I cut my losses?


Evernote is a mess right now and they cannot figure out how to actually save data reliably.

If you are extremely careful and keep redundant records then you will be fine.

If you don't feel like repeating all the work of keeping references for every single thing you clip - I can absolutely guarantee you will continue to lose data from Evernote.

Once users have too many notes to be able to monitor every single note for corruption, items from many years or projects back in the past will start to be missing images, URLs and so on.

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This is an opinion, and you are perfectly welcome to post your opinion here.

You just can expect a little reality check, and this is what I am going to do.

If you read the above initial posting, it states the TO was using the BETA client in a browser session while following a video in another browser instance. This is by no means a stable setup. First it means relying on the browser to keep all data in the temporary memory that will be wiped when the browser is closed. Second it means relying on a beta version of the web client.

Betas are made to collect user experience, which includes „events“ like crashes, data loss and other malfunctions. Who is using a beta does so at his own peril, and one should not use it for anything relevant. If things go wrong blaming others only points to oneself.

This is thin evidence for permanent data loss and other mischief you are claiming. Maybe you should better review your own way of handling things. I have not lost data with EN, maybe because I understand (or at least try to) the tools I am using to make a living. When you are among those described as „knowledge workers“ you better do, as any craftsmen of the old practiced and trained to understand and use his tools.

Specifically you should have known from the beginning that a link is just a pointer to a resource, and not the resource itself. The object itself it outside of the control of the link, and if the object is withdrawn, the link points nowhere. This is not „data corruption“, because the data you stored is the link, and it is still there.

We have discussed this in another thread already. To blame this to EN instead to your own deficits in using EN is something you can do as a person if you feel better this way, but do not expect respect here when trying to cry „foul“ about it.

And this is my opinion ...

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My two cents.

I've been using EN for over 10 years now mostly through the Windows desktop app and IOS, with a little bit of the browser version.  I have never lost any data other than through my own stupidity.  Doesn't mean it hasn't happened to others.  Could be a use case thing.  I don't go stupid often, but just in case I do I use Backupery for nightly backups, should a DAA occur and I delete a note.  🤷‍♂️

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5 hours ago, AndreasM said:

How long the Beta has been there? Why is the Beta causing so many problems and data loss still there? Does EN monitor the Beta or is it free floating there to cause problems? Stop defending the company, which doesn't care about the users!!!

The Beta has been updated recently, and is being updated fairly often. In fact, it now represents at least the beginnings of what the editors across all platforms will be capable of. It is still a beta, and things could go wrong. But the only issues I've seen have been features not yet added. I haven't had any data loss.

As to what "the company" is up to, anyone who's actually interested can look at the extensive set of "Behind the Scenes" videos.

But oops! What was I thinking? In Andreas' world, only trolls have freedom of speech. Anyone who reports positive facts is just "defending the company" and ought to be silenced.

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