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Does Evernote discriminate against Asia?



It takes forever (minutes) sometimes to load my notes on the web version. This has been happening for at least more than a year. It's destroying my productivity and makes me fear opening up a note at all on the web. 

I am based in Korea and this makes me suspect Evernote isn't paying as much for its cloud server use for Asian daytime as it does for U.S. or European working time. I've filed complaints about this over and over and they don't care. I feel discriminated against.

Evernote, what's the matter with you? Why aren't you fixing the slow loading time for the web?


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No experience with Korea. There is a information somewhere on the EN website with server maintenance times. But they do not take them down all at once, and I never noticed any problem with 24/7. I doubt that EN discriminates against any region on the globe (unless it is behind the great firewall, but this is auto-discrimination ...).

Maybe this explains how the server setup is done, and you can try to reach Shane by direct mail in the forum on this.


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Have you tried to see how a comparative service work (not necessarily a note taking app like Evernote) ?

The reason for the question is that there are delays that might be due to your computer (I guess not) or your internet connection. For example, at home I have seen some delay in response time (in general) once in a while and on a couple of cases more persistent. Usually they seem to be due to network congestion but in one case it was a faulty switch in my house (this actually made itself known in VERY slow response times for any network activity), in another a faulty fiber converter, in a third some problem with the switch in the nearest network node. So it might be that this is due to something outside the control of evernote.

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