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Copy Evernote Structure Without Data

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I have an Evernote file that I have created for my Notary Public business and I want to share the structure of this file with other Notaries Public. I want to remove my personal data, but want to keep saved searches and tags and notebooks. Is this possible?

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You can not share notebook/tag structure
You can not share saved searches

You can share note data along with tags (no tag structure)
but no data, no tags

My method would be to share screenshots of your notebook tag structure
Also  with the saved searches information
For example222541045_ScreenShot2020-01-06at8_27_46AM.png.dafbf9d87d44996c7f819704e18482fd.png



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Hi.  As has already been said: the short answer to your question is no.  It is not possible to share an 'empty' Evernote account which contains only notebooks,  templates for notes and maybe example tags and saved searches.

It would be possible to
>  export current notebooks to separate ENEX files,  each containing a template note with additional information.  Those individual exports could be zipped into a single file which could be used by someone else to create a new account containing those notebooks.  The structure of the new account would have to be created manually.
>  create a duplicate shared free account containing example notes in the recommended structure.  Someone invited to the share could then see the original,  copy notes across into their own account,  and mirror the structure.
>  write a 'how to' description and publish that as a blog.

 - Obviously all of these are compromises and require a fair amount of work by the other party.

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Thanks to all that responded .... bummer that I can't do what I wanted to do, but it appears there are a couple of workarounds. I'll start with a few screen shots and see, if that is enough to get people going. If not I may have to take the route of gazumped's recommendation.

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6 minutes ago, wussery said:

There is nothing within this file that needs to be encrypted as it is currently conceived.

You could create a new Basic account and put the notebooks and tags and structure in it, with a couple how to notes for instruction.  Then share the actual EXB file with whomever.  They could then create a Basic account and rename the EXB to that account.  If they aren't an EN user they could then just build on data base and upgrade the EN service if need be.  They are an EN user, they could keep it as a second account or merge with their existing account.  Not sure the warts of this (lack of EN knowledge mostly) make it a no go to be honest.  Not to hard to try.  FWIW.

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