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Notepad opening in Windows

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I want to open the notebook when clicking on the Taskbar icon.

I only have one notebook.

But it goes to All Notes, then I have to click on the one notebook I have to open it.

How can I get rid of the iconn and just open the one notebook I have.

I can do this on other PCs but one another Win10 PC I get the list.


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Hi.  If you only have one notebook it doesn't actually matter how Evernote opens - any new note you create will go to your one notebook;  any notes you search will be from your one notebook...  If it is a concern for you - try setting up a shortcut to that notebook* and look for it in the left column;  one click will open that notebook.

*right click the notebook name,  choose 'create shortcut'...

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Another thing that you can do is to create a Windows shortcut to the ENScript.exe command, give it parameters that open Evernote up to a specific notebook, and pin that to your taskbar. See 


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