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(Archived) Mobile version user interface

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New to the EN 3 beta and very much like that I can have my notes on my Mac and my phone as well now :(

Regarding the later though, I noticed that the font isn't that easy to read - wouldn't it be better to use a font without serifs on such a small screen? The whole standard web interface seems to use serifless fonts only anyway, so it would also add consistency between versions next to improved readability.

Also, on the iPhone the mobile interface is kind of wasting a lot of space. All notes appear as filling about 50-60% of the screen. Obviously, as an iPhone user I have to recommend a "special" iPhone version (probably just including the proper stylesheet file and adding the viewport meta header).

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The current mobile UI was tuned for the "lowest common denominator" of cell phones, so that you'd be able to use it from small screens like the Motorola RAZR. This means that the layout looks a little wasteful on phones with larger screens.

Now that we've finished that, we're working on a second version that's tuned for the iPhone. That should be available in the next month or so.

Thanks for the feedback about the font selection -- I'll check whether there was some technical reason for this (e.g. phone compatibility), or whether we can pick a better common font.


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