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No way to process a payment for premium from India

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I been rigorously trying to pay for ever note for the last month and half. I tried couple of credit cards and debit cards which are master card / visa mostly and through website or google play store. It is simply not processing the payment. 

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My idea was you just use the VPN to process payment.

See my post for a free possibility, which is not a trial, but allows to use it with a cap of 200MB/month. Not that much, but probably will do for a payment transaction.

Not sure whether it works. You can try to issue a support ticket - this should do if you choose "account" initially.

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Hi! I tried using a vpn for payment. Still unsuccessful. 

Not able to find your post on free possibility. I'll try to search for it again.

Thank you for your replies! 

You are more helpful than Evernote Customer service 😂😂

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Well, I think that you are not supposed to worry about it as much as you have a VPN provider. Anyway, it’s not always as comfy as this and when you want to change something about your payment method there is always a way to do it with no VPN and for life. If you are not able to manage it yourself, and I assume that you are not, you can go and seek for help to a company like intl-payments.com. It’s a company that is positioning themselves on the market as e-commerce professionals that can solve every problem related to this topic. As a matter of fact, though, it’s always good to have a company like that to guide you, at least.


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Who knows ? Difficult to understand why a company would make it harder to buy its services instead of easier.

There is maybe VPN to move around geoblocking (see above) and there is a support ticket option (when on Basic, choose „Account“ as ticket type to make it advance). 

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