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Incomplete tags; inconsistent behavior

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What I tried:

  • Clicked the tags area of a note in web new beta,
  • started typing the first few characters of the tag I wanted,
  • saw the tag I wanted floating above and highlighted
  • pressed Enter

What I expected:

  • EN web new beta would add my intended tag to this note
  • This is the behavior of the Windows client

What happened:

  • EN web new beta created a new tag out of the first few letters and
  • added it to my note.
  • I then had to remove this malformed tag from the note and from the tags list and
  • re-add my intended tag to my note using a mouse tap to select after typing the first few characters OR by typing out the whole tag name


Dear Devs, please make the web behavior here the same as the desktop so that the experience in the new editor is consistent and quick.

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