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Add internal storage capacity to Android

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I'm reporting this post to Evernote myself to make sure they're OK with me sharing the information, and I'll tell you up front that I haven't made this work yet;  but I figure that if anyone is interested (and the post is still here in a couple of days) a problem shared is a problem that may get sorted quicker.
First, the good news.  It seems that it may be possible to increase the amount of internal storage available to unrooted Androids running 6.0+.  
It's NOT working for me yet,  but here's the deal - 
I saw a reference in a Linux group to a snazzy app called SSHelper being able to access SD cards like internal memory.  It depends on your Android version and the device manufacturer,  and requires some mid-to higher-level tech skills - possibly ones better than mine,  because I didn't achieve this yet!  😕
WARNING If you're not very sure what you are doing with this - beware: the author makes the point very strongly that mistakes can result in your device becoming bricked:  an unresponsive doorstop useful only in windy weather.  If you decide to read on,  it is at your Own Risk.
(-And there's a LOT here!!)
The alleged method requires SSHelper to be installed and active on your device,  which should also be in Developer Mode and USB-linked to a (Windows or Linux) computer with some  "Android Debug Bridge" software installed.  I also installed WinSCP and ADB software on my Windows laptop.
All these apps are free,  and the main author and developer here has a solid record of mainstream software development, so mistakes apart this appears to be a useful hack.  As a useful side-effect I now have full wifi access to the SD card,  which is nice..
Now: the catch(es)
  1. SSHelper's original page waxes lyrical about Google / Samsung's attitude to internal vs external storage,  but describes a method whereby converting an SD card wholly or partially (not recommended) to dedicated internal storage,  the device can be tricked persuaded to 'see' the SD card as valid storage,  and winds up with -
    " Check the amount of available storage space on your device — it should be larger by the size of the private allocation you just made."
  2. BUT the update page includes the comment
    An unsolved but serious problem in the Android ecosystem is access to external storage, which at the time of writing is somewhere between difficult and impossible (this topic is fully addressed in the main documentation section above). To me this is the single most glaring deficiency in the present Android environment."
    - which to me sounds like all this is not going to work...

  3. The author's instructions are not exactly detailed - he says
    Open a terminal session in the directory containing the ADB executable (named "adb.exe" on Windows and "adb" on Linux)."
    without specifying what terminal to use.  I tried starting ADB directly - no. Used WinSCP and tried to get to the ADB folder on my hard drive... nope.  Then I started web searching and found https://android.gadgethacks.com/how-to/make-adb-fastboot-work-any-folder-windows-0177198/ which seems not to use a terminal session at all...
At which point I decided I'd been distracted too long by shiny new toys and need to do some work.  So I documented (and Evernoted) all of this to act as a reminder and reference for my holiday-soaked brain for later when I can spare more time* - and also a potential post in the Forums for all you happy and much smarter folks who might,  out of the kindness of your hearts,  tell me how to make this darn  thing work!!!
* the flashback image of a screen door blowing back and forth banging against a small inert bricked tablet has also been in my mind...
Thanks (and congratulations) if you made it this far - if anyone gets this to work,  please post an "idiot's guide" level instruction sheet for all us humble mortals out here!  I am definitely not worthy...  😌
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Hmmn.  The developer of this app gave me a return-of-mail response when I queried what I'm doing wrong - but sadly he doesn't seem to think that even when I get it working it will do what I want it to...  He wasn't familiar with Evernote at all however and was relating my query to a database stored on my desktop (I think...).  I'm still going to play with this when I get time,  but despite the year end,  2019 is still getting in my way a lot!  I may have to beat it to death a little before I do any more experiments.  If anyone else has a go meantime,  please comment!

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