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Skitch for Mac: What happened to local history?

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Hi - I have been using Skitch ever since ... a long time now. When the big, controversial Skitch came out, I tried it, dropped it, and installed the unofficial archive and had been using that for several years until Mac Catalina 64  bit prevented that as well. So now I am giving the latest Skitch version the ol' college try and don't see how to save Skitch captures locally anymore? It would happen by default in the previous version of Skitch.

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It seems it always saves into an EN-note as a default first, and will sync changes made by Skitch with this note..

After this, there is an export-option in the "File"-Menu to save it as a file, and a share option by button (top right) or by the "Share"-Menu. Export is possible in a number of formats and qualities.

So you can save wherever you want, and delete the notes created in the "Skitch"-Notebook from time to time if you don't need them.

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