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Reminders are really poor. Please fix

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Hi . I am a power user of reminders and the latest clipper version is not at all good. See below for my exchange with your support line. Those are my thoughts in the web clipper version - the iOS sharing needs work too, as does the in App alarm setting

Anyway, dear developer team; if you can get this prioritised into a Sprint on your agile teams, then I'll gladly sort out requirements and acceptance criteria for you. 

A few quick jibes

  1. Too many clicks to set a reminder - on Clipper, as well as in App and in iOS you can't share and set a reminder
  2. Unnecessary use of AM / PM; that is like using Ibs and inches. Silly for most of the world's population
  3. Not obvious if you have set the alarm

Best Olaf

Olaf Ransome

Dec 29, 03:05 PST 

Nick. this is partly helpful, but the UX is totally horrid and unworthy of what you do. Here is why. What can you do to improve life here?

Happy New year

You guys are really weak on Reminders - I’d love to help you fix them across the board. I am a hawk on this - i used to have a close relationship with your folks in Zurich

First, there is a two step - save clip and then set reminder. Get it all on home screen please

Second, pressing on the clock brings up a silly dialogue - Reminder Added or Add a date - well it can’t be the former

Third - the date display is ok, but the time part is really kludgey - America is of course AM / PM centric, old habits dying hard. How about a default to 0800 and a spinning wheel to get time? and it is not at all easy to know if the reminder has been set, if you see the time part at bottom right, there is nothing to click to say "Set"

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No clear about the web clipper connection for this topic1891170609_ScreenShot2020-01-01at3_56_15AM.png.1e85dcb7bf338d85f16ecb9ca253ca9f.png

The web clipper screenshot is from my Mac and the share page from my iPad
There is no Reminder option

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