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Help with permanently dropping a device

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Every month I get a message that I need to unsync a device.  When I go through the prompts it always shows that there is an iPhone synced.  I don't even own an iPhone.  Currently, it shows that it was used 3 days ago (the iPhone) with Evernote.  But again, I don't have an iPhone.  I go through and I select it to be dropped.  But it always comes back every month that I have too many devices synced, and it's always the iPhone, which I don't own!  Why is it doing that?  Anyone else have a problem with it showing that it's syncing to a device you never owned and have never used and even when you go through and unsync it, it pops up again later?  This has been going on for over a year!  Help, please! 

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Hi.  As with all unexpected behaviour,  I'd suggest you change your password for Evernote to make sure that only you can log into the account,  and that you then revoke access to that iPhone,  sync your notes and sign out of and then back into your account with the new password.

If you notice the connection come back again,  post back here and we'll help you raise a support ticket as a potential security issue.

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