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How to change where a note opens in my browser window

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When I open a note in Evernote it opens in the lower right corner of my browser window.  Because of this placement the X in the upper right corner of the note that allows me to close the note is hidden. This means if I want to close the note I have to "grab" the note, move it over to the left to be able to see the X and then click on it to close the note.  Can anyone tell me how to change where the note opens up in my browser window so I can cut out the step of having to move the note before being able to close it.  I have included a screen shot to give a visual of what I am talking about..



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I'm a little confused. This forum is for the Windows desktop Evernote program. Are you opening the note from that, or from within a Web browser, using the Web interface (a separate forum here). Even the screenshot does not make this quite clear! But it looks like you're working within the Windows desktop program, so....

Problems like this can sometimes result from some bit of code getting stuck in memory. The easiest solution is to quit the program entirely, using the File menu > Exit (not the red X box at top right, which only closes the interface), or using Task Manager to shut down all Evernote processes. Try positioning the window where you want it before you do this, and hopefully then restarting Evernote will get it working right again.

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Not sure why your separate note window is opening there. There might be a registry setting for this but I didn't see anything obvious. When I do this, the separate note window usually opens in a convenient place.

In any case, for the Evernote Windows application, a separate note window can be closed by simply hitting the Esc key when the  note window has focus. Easy peasy.

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From the image, it looks like you're running the normal Windows exe. And there just happens to be a full screen browser running behind it.

Why the note keeps opening there, I don't know. When I open a note, move it, close it, open another note; that 2nd open opens where I closed the first one.

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