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I can't multi tag search



I have created more than 40 tags in 3 main topics : authors, topics and shape (video, article, citation, etc.).

Now I want to find a note by filtring with tags but I can only filter by one, I don't understand.

I've seen a YouTuber who could search first with one tag (all the results appear) and then he could click again on tags to add a second tag in order to have a more precise search.

In my mobile phone and in the web application I can't do that, so I need your help guys.

(Sorry if my english is not good, I'm french).

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You should always be able to enter search filters that implement multi-tag (or other search terms) filters. Not as convenient as selecting from lists (which you can do on Evernote for Windows and maybe for Mac), but more powerful. For example: tag:JohnDonne tag:love

For commonly used searches, you can save them for later use.

Information on the Evernote search syntax:

If you specify which phone type you are using (Android or iOS), someone may be able to give you more specific advice.

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