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Memory Use in Safari?

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Using the new web client, I constantly get this message:

"Do you want to allow “https://www.evernote.com” to use up to 2.1 GB of storage on your Mac?"

The message repeats itself every few minutes, increasing the GBs it is asking about. I assume this is a Safari "feature". I haven't tried it with Chrome. Are others seeing this? 

And another question - is this the best place for questions about the new web client? I sorta expected a new forum to be set up just for the "new" client..


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About every half hour when using Evernote on my MacBook Air (from early 2014, version 10.15.2, MacOs Catalina, browser is Safari), I will receive this message. I've been clicking "allow", but the fact is that I'd rather not be storing Evernote files directly onto my computer, and would prefer them to stay in the cloud, in order to save space. Assuming that this is what's been happening and that it's not some sort of virus, is there a way of disabling this function? I'm a bit of a newbie, so please forgive me if this is a question that's actually really easy to solve, but tbh I've done a fair amount of Googling and haven't come up with anything tangible so far. Thanks in advance for any help you can give, and please let me know if my post is in accordance with the forum rules.

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 11.40.07 AM.png

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Hi! I'm having the exact same problem, with a 2017 Macbook Air, on safari. My web client is upto 9.3 GB or so.. Its only been happening the last few weeks.. 

I thought it could be due to images I had in some of my notes, which I removed, but the number has kept going up in small increments steadily over time. 

Any inputs would be great! Thanks! 



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I'm getting this too as of yesterday. I am finding the requested storage goes up rapidly on doing any text editing at all (from 1.6 to 2.0 GB while working on a text only note in the last 20 minutes). Is it trying to reserve space for way more cacheing than it needs?

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This is a user forum, not a support platform.

Support is open to paid users only. If you want to issue a support ticket, you can go Premium for a single month.

And no, I have no idea what causes the memory consumption when using the web client. I can only think about some caching of data going on. Maybe try another browser, like Firefox.

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+1 here - I am having this issue experimenting with Evernote web in Safari on iPadOS.

Im guessing what is in common is those of us here have large Evernote databases (mine is over 20GB)

It would be useful to have an option to limit the size of the cache.

I am still grateful the iPadOS app and the web app don’t attempt to download the entire database like the desktop clients (which admittedly, has it’s own benefit working offline but I digress!)

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that experiment with evernote.com on Safari in iPadOS was short lasted.

I have plenty of space on my device (only using 10%) and ran into a bug where I couldn’t paste a hyperlink into a note.

Now when I open up the web client and try to paste in the note, it crashes Safari.

I’ll try to look for the correct support channel to report this bug.

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I just saw a message asking " do you want to allow Evernote.com to use up to 1.2 GB storage on your device " on my MacBook and I accidentally clicked yes.


How can I reverse the decision?

I am using the web version only to save space on my MacBook... I do not want the web version also occupy my MacBook storage. 



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Even on a pretty basic Mac, 1.4GB should no be an issue. If it is, the Mac is running so short on available disk space that it Is close to shut down anyhow. The probably fastest solution is to move stuff from the disk, either to an external storage, or to a cloud (preferably iCloud).

Unfortunately EN is designed to run on the main Drive, and does not allow to be moved elsewhere. This it true for the client, but from the message it seems it needs a lot of space as well when run through the web interface.

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I'm using Evernote on my iPhone and on my Mac. On my Mac I only use the online Safari version.

I get a prompt on my Mac, asking me if I allow Evernote to use 1.2GB on my Mac. It makes no sense to me. I have 107 notes, most of them just a page or to and very few of them has any substantial content (a handful of small jpg files or such). I guess my total storage needs for the notes would be approx. 50-80mb. Does anyone know why it asks for this usage of space? Does anyone know if it actually uses it?
I'm on the free version by the way·

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I opened ticket Ticket# 3093440 and received this response

I understand that you are receiving prompts of using storage data when accessing Evernote Web using Safari.

Thanks for passing along that information. I can confirm that this is an issue we are aware of. Our development team is tracking this issue and investigating a potential fix that can be made through Evernote as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I can confirm this is a Safari exclusive issue. As a workaround, feel free to click Allow, as this should not have any effect on your Mac or your Evernote account.

Alternatively, you can also try using a different web browser to see if this message still appears.

I hope this information was helpful. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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14 hours ago, DTLow said:

As a workaround, feel free to click Allow, as this should not have any effect on your Mac or your Evernote account.

@DTLow thanks for reporting and the update when the support team is still working on enabling my account to open tickets!

I can confirm on desktop Safari on an iPad Pro, the footprint of the Evernote website in storage Settings (less than 1GB) doesn't reflect nearly as much as Safari requests (multiple GBs).

I was perplexed the other day and support confirms the behavior.

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Evernote started popping up messages asking to store data on my computer. If I declined, I was kicked out, with a message saying I have to log back in. Then the same request. The only choice is to accept, or not use it at all. I have a lot of data and walking away isn't practical.

I deleted a lot of data, thinking it was a storage problem. No changes. I have had a paid subscription for years. Any way to talk to Evernote directly??  

Thank you, Aaron

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7 hours ago, Agile said:

Evernote started popping up messages asking to store data on my computer.

I merged your post with an ongoing discussion on this issue

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Strange, I've been using EN Web on a Windows computer for years without issue. On my Mac computer with client installed, I recently started using EN Web because I'm enjoying the new highlighting colors feature that's not available on the client yet. 

I just received a message asking if I would allow the website to store data on my computer. I'm confused because I thought EN Web was cloud-based.

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EN is cloud based, but it will copy data temporarily to your Mac. All websites do, because what you see is build together in your browser after being delivered from the content management system of the site. Whether it keeps it after you log out depends on the policy set in the browser. Sometimes browsers are set to keep data in a cache to make for faster browsing when returning to the same page.

The message is from your Mac, to give you more control over memory usage. If you are short of memory, you may think about storing data locally.

The master of your EN data is always synced and kept on the server.

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No, there is no such option. This is controlled by the Safari settings, not by EN. When looking it up, you find what the website is storing, and the option to empty these data. In my case it says "Cache, Cookies and local storage". By clicking on the leftmost button I can delete it.

The next button "Delete all" will delete this information from ALL websites - which means you will loose access data as well.

So if you want to get rid of whatever EN stored, you can use this option in Safari Settings, Privacy.




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Thanks, do you know if there is a setting for "store while I'm using and delete after closing EN Web"? Like a "remove EN cache after closing browser" option? It seems like if I decline letting Safari use the memory, then I cannot access EN Web at all. Was I able to previously because of a change to EN Web or is it a change to Safari/Mac?


8 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

If you are short of memory, you may think about storing data locally.

How do I store data locally?

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running www.evernote.com, today I am being asked over and over if I want to allow evernote to us up to 1.8 GB of storage on my Mac, or 2.0 GB of storage. Even when I click on "Allow", the same message will pop up again and again. I've never been asked this before, why now?

Furthermore, Evernote for Mac is broken; it will not show me all my notes when I select "All Notes", nor will a search find all the pertinent notes when the web version does. I am almost done using Evernote for Mac due to it's unreliability. Now, if the web version keeps bugging me, I am going to drop Evernote in favor of OneNote. Nothing is always perfect, but I depend on my Evernote App for record retention and retrieval. If it continues spiralling down into drain, I will have no other option but to move.866601435_ScreenShot2020-07-17at13_50_21.png.9d8f0a168401dad45f404a81ea4c6630.png

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