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17 hours ago, booucn@gmail.com said:
You can search online, many people have stopped using your product because of your synchronization problem. As your VIP user, I am already thinking about how to transfer my data. If there are better products on the market, I will not continue to use your products. The key is that as your VIP paying user, I have used your products very well before. I also recommend your products to many friends around me. Now the situation is completely reversed. I tell many friends around me about this problem with your products. Everyone is beginning to encounter the same problem one after another, and they are beginning to use your products. Some friends even started to confuse that I recommended such a difficult product to them. I have no face.
In fact, I have very emotional feelings for products that have been used for about 8 years. I sincerely hope that you can help me solve this problem. Otherwise I will be very disappointed. You guys are really sorry for the user, I really do n’t know how you did it. Please help me feedback my response to your senior management. Please pay attention to your senior management, or your users will slowly lose. When you lose a user, it means that you have lost 5 users.
I will write these for you now when I am very busy, and I hope you can solve these problems. When I am lazy at all, you will encounter really big problems. I really don't know what your senior executives do. I really want to swear. . . But scolding can't solve my problem. So it's really "convex".
Your slogan is the second brain of the user. Excuse me now that your senior leadership's brain has been cut in half. Your executives will definitely become fools. The reason I can't synchronize now is that I feel like I have half of my brain, and now I just feel like I've become a fool. Can you feel me? Can you appreciate how I feel?
You loyal fans.

What exactly is your sync issue?

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