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How to put Google docs on Evernote

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Hi I have trying to move my old notes from Google docs onto Evernote and the only way I have been able to do it is by making it an attachment which is not what i want because I'm try to make it a new set of notes on Evernote and I cant figure our how to do that. Thank you for all that read this and I hoped I explained the problem adequately.  

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Depending on how many notes you're looking to move,  individually copying and pasting the content into a new note is probably the most reliable way.  If you need to move a lot of notes you could look into exporting (or printing) the content as HTML or PDF files,  and if you are a Windows user,  check out Import Folders.

How to create import folders in Evernote for Windows

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2 hours ago, TacticalKarma said:

sorry, I'm a newbie and maybe I don't understand something, but what's the problem to copy and paste it?

? If you have to copy and paste once,  that's fine.  If you have 1,000 notes and have to copy & paste them individually,  it might take a while...

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4 hours ago, purvi57 said:

HOW TO Save instagram photos which is downloaded in evernote?

Hi. I think you're in the wrong thread, and you need to give more information so we know exactly what you're trying to do and what OS and device(s) are involved.  But short answer: Instagram tend to be... territorial about their images.  You might want to try screenshots rather than clips?

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