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What happened to Skip this update?

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Hi Mike,

This isn't a direct answer to your question as I believe you are correct that the option to delay the update was removed from the Update reminder pop up.  What I have done is to change the Tools > Options > General > Automatically check for updates setting so that Evernote does not even show the pop up:



I have a date-based reminder which I use to remind myself every 2-3 weeks to check manually (Help > Check for Updates).  I've never cared much for pop-up reminders, nor for updates which run at inconvenient times.

Take care,


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Well I hope they put it back. With the history of hiccups in their updates, the almost miniscule differences between updates and the effort to roll back I thought the ability to skip updates option until you were ready was a good option that they included, not sure why it would suddenly be removed.

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4 hours ago, Brad Miller said:

Yes I would certainly agree.  It was easier to skip updates then.  Obviously you can accomplish the same thing with manual updating, but it's harder to know when a new update is out.

You can also select Remind me later.  A bit of a PITA, but you will at least know when new updates are available.  Then check to forum for feedback in the update thread.  FWIW.

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