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Facial Recognition Login

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When I open my iPhone, my face is recognized and the phone is open.

Then I don’t need an additional check when opening my EN account. The device is Secure, so the Account is Secure as well. This way mail programs, task managers, office programs and most of the other stuff on my phone works.

The only programs I know that request additional ID is security software like my password manager or an Authenticator for 2FA, and banking apps. There it is obvious why a separate ID check makes sense whenever I open these specially sensitive programs.EN is not among them.

If I want to store sensitive information in EN, the note content can be encrypted.

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Personally I doubt that EN sees itself in the category of apps that need this special feature for many users. Mobile devices are seen a personal devices, without allowing several users to use them by accounts etc.

If you fell like, you can set a Passcode before the app can be opened (iOS, settings of EN app). This is not as comfortable as FaceID, but locks EN against access by other people.

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I’m not thinking about the multi-user devices, rather something like “here is my phone could you please look up XX in the map app while I’m driving” or “have you seen nice useful app ... what’s that horrible smell, check out the app while I run and check what it is” (app ≠ Evernote)

or something similar

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Every App access hurdle will slow your workflow. For the rare occasion you describe probably few users will accept that the app will only start with a delay or extra action.

For you personally if you want a layer of protection, use the passcode setting as an available option.

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2 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

Then I don’t need an additional check

Evernote on my iPad currently has PassCode/TouchId security
It's optional and I have it enabled
I think it's a useful security feature; I'd like it extended to the desktop platforms

I'm not currently using Facial Recognition, but I see it as the logical extension

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I should really try stuff before I write about it:

  1. In the iOS client, go to Settings, passcode
  2. Set the passcode to whatever. It seems to be 4-digit.
  3. Once a Passcode is set, a new button will appear, that allows to unlock by FaceID, if the device does FaceID, or by TouchID, if the device is touchy.

Problem solved - sorry for not looking it up earlier. As you may assume, I do not use either.

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Now, two years later, on iOS 15.1, it's Settings > Face ID & Passwords

Enter your 6-digit passcode

Use Face ID for...  and choose the app(s)

EverNote is on the list of apps.

Now go to EN > three horizontal lines bottom left > wheel top right > choose Passcode

Enter your 4-digit passcode > turn on Require passcode and, finally, Unlock with Face ID.

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