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If I have a URL link in a note, and I click (tap) it to try to open it in a browser, I get the following in a toast popup:

Unable to access document. Please make sure you are connected to the internet.

I am absolutely connected to the internet, and the link is valid - I can click it from the Windows and Web Evernote clients.

Anyone else seeing this? Any ideas what's going on? I'm on Evernote version 8.12.4, on a Galaxy S9 running Android 9.

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I poked at this a little more, and it looks like it's this link specifically. It's a link to a Google Form I've created to help me track my daily activity. Check out this screenshot of the note it's in:

I threw in the link to www.google.com just to try things out, and also put in the link to the form outside of the table, in case there was something funny about tables that was coming into play. What I found is that I get the error clicking on the form link in either place, but I can successfully click the www.google.com link.

Notice the icon next to the form link - I think that means it's seeing the form as an attachment and doing something different to download it. That may be the problem. I 'm going to send in have sent in a support ticket and see what they say.

@gazumped thanks for your note - 30 years in software development/debugging, and I still wouldn't have thought to try a non-form link if you hadn't posted it. /sigh

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