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Is this your current email address???????



Please gawd, stop this nonsense.  If I'm too stupid to update my contact info then trust me, I don't want to be contacted.  In other words, stop asking me if my email changed and you can count that if I ever change my email address, you'll be around the 107th or so that I let know.  Geeesh, Evernote seems to be getting more annoying with every freaking update.

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9 hours ago, Tom-2020 said:

too stupid to update my contact info

I moved your post to the feedback forum

Is this issue occurring repeatedly?     
I received a prompt this morning, but it's been a while since the previous prompt     
I simply confirmed my address; no big deal for me

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Same question: How often ?

I remember to answer this question, but it is quite a while ago. From a security / privacy oriented service like EN I would expect this questioning from time to time, or when the account use shows exceptional events. And then I would rather answer this question 10 times more often, than one time less when it would be needed.

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Recently, it's been happening every other week or so, on ALL of my devices (work computer, home computer, smartphone, tablet - hence my disgruntlement).  I don't understand why EACH device has to confirm the ONE email address associated with the ONE evernote account.  I have had a paid Evernote premium account since 2010 (or something like that) with the SAME email account since day one.  I don't know of ANY other service that nags me to confirm my email account (including my finance accounts).  If their security is so bad they need to keep checking in to make sure they can reach me (maybe add a cell number then they can always text me if in doubt that the email isn't working), perhaps I need to reevaluate if I want to store my info in such a leaky service.  Agreed, it's not the end of the world, but really Evernote you have soooooooo many flaky problems I'd have thought you fix the easy ones by now.

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