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Scanner problems with Evernote Scanner

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Probably here are 2 issues:

  1. The special Evernote scanner edition software not  being compatible to the 64bit ScanSnapHome software for the Mac On this I am not sure because I never used the special edition ix500, I just have a standard one.
  2. The old ScanSnap software being 32bit, thus not executing any more under Catalina.

I would first try to uninstall all ScanSnap software from the Mac, using the app AppCleaner to perform a complete wipe. Then install fresh from the Fujitsu Support page, stating you have MacOS Catalina. They will pic the right DMG for you to install.

If after installing and granting it all the necessary rights in the security / privacy settings of Catalina the scanner will still not work, you have to update the scanner firmware. This means overwriting the special edition firmware with the standard updated firmware for the ix500. It will not be a special edition scanner after this, but it will work. Hint: Once installed, there is no way back.

On my setup I am running ScanSnap Home since a few month. Make sure you set up some profiles for your type of scanning in the SCH software, then it will work just fine. It has fewer options visible to pick from, but what I needed I found when setting up a new profile and then clicking myself through the tabs to configure it. You find the OCR option there, the scan resolution, the compression on saving among others. 

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