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Why am I getting this pop up

Todd Langil

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Anyone know why I am getting this pop up?  I'm on a iMac.  I do have the app on an iPad and iPhone.  I use Evernote on line when on my desktop.  Where is this being stored... it's annoying.  If a subscription will stop it I will sign up.  But through some searching I don't think it will solve the problem.  

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 11.25.56 PM.png

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This message does not come from EN. It is a message from your Mac asking whether you want to use disk space for the storage of EN content.

Maybe your Mac is short of disk space, and starts to ask in order to conserve the last memory available. Again, not EN, but MacOS forcing this on you.

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12 hours ago, Todd Langil said:

Anyone know why I am getting this pop up?  I'm on a iMac.

I moved the discussion to the web beta forum.  Let me know if this was a different platform

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Nope!  Everything is in the cloud and hdd is 187 available out of 250gb... Plus I should mention this pops up about every 30 seconds of typing.  I can't find where EN stores stuff on my Mac...  But thanks for the thought.  Also note that this doesn't happen in any other application.  

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