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Editing & creating tables with EN Android

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I'm a Premium user and use a Note9 smartphone and a Samsung tablet with Android 9 for working with the Evernote app besides mainly working with Evernote Desktop for Windows 10.

When I am on the go (work, travel, vacation) I only have the smartphone and tablet with me with the Evernote app installed.

However, I cannot create tables in the Android app, I cannot edit existing tables (created with Evernote Desktop / Windows 10) like editing the colors, adding, removing columns or rows for example, I can only edit the text. 

Well, then I tried to access Evernote Web with a browser (Firefox, Chrome) and get the message that Evernote Web is not supported by Android browsers. So  I have no chance to edit my table notes in the above situations! 

Is there a way to "emulate" a "Windows" browser on Android to at least be able to edit these notes with Evernote Web on Android? 

Or what ideas do you have?


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Basically, the limitations you've run into are firm, and can't be gotten around. This has been a longstanding complaint about the Android version of Evernote. The best I can say is that they are actively working on making the editing experience consistent across platforms, and I assume that will include working with tables in Android. When this will arrive, of course, is not known.

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On 12/24/2019 at 5:33 PM, Dave-in-Decatur said:

Yes, it's hard to understand why they don't allow using the Web browser version on Android.

Well, you can actually accomplish that, with a little bit of trickery.  Go to https://www.evernote.com/Login.action. Let it complain that it can't display Evernote on the device type, then go to the 'three-dot' menu, and select "Desktop ste". You should see the web browser version at that point. Hint: if you're on a phone, you'll be scrolling a lot.

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Gloriosky! Right you are! Also needed to let it use the older Web version at first, since the "new Web" is supposedly not supported in my Android version of Opera. But persistence paid off, and once I was into Evernote, I could use the usual method to switch to the Web beta. I repeat, Gloriosky! You, sir, are a benefactor of humanity!

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31 minutes ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

I repeat, Gloriosky! You, sir, are a benefactor of humanity!

Ha-ha. I think you might find others on the forum who would think in terms of "blight" rather than "benefactor"... :) 

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On 12/24/2019 at 2:52 AM, BEHA said:

that mean I have no change ("workaround") to work with my notes with (lots) of tables in it on Android?

I would be satisfied if I could at least work with Evernote Web on Android devices in a browser.

As others have mentioned, it is possible to work with EN wen  in an Android browser.  on many Android browsers you can "request desktop site" and use EN that way.  it is a little tedious, of course.

Here are two screenshots of EN in Android browsers.  one in Vivaldi (Beta) browser and one in Duckduckgo browser.  I'm sure it's also possible in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.




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