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I would like to see a more consistent UI across all the platforms.

I use Evernote across all the platforms and I am disappointed that there is a learning curve for each.  While I understand there may be constraints and potential for extra features across the platforms, I see value in having more consistency in terms of layout and common feature/functions available across the platforms.

Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion.


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Good point.

This is exactly what EN top management declared as the core strategy issue for 2019 and probably 2020.

There is a series of behind-the-scenes videos by the EN CEO Ian Small and devs explaining it, and showing samples. The current web client is the test field. So if you log into your account through a browser, you are already able to test drive several features, like a new editor and an improved search. I think roll out to the clients will be in 2020 after closing the betas.

There will still be differences due to the OSes abilities, but the user experience should be much more uniform then.

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