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(Archived) ETA for integrated audio recording



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Don't necessarily need a specific date, but more looking for confirmation that it is on the roadmap and maybe a ballpark at the very least. Q4 '10? Q1 '11?

I don't think that is too much to ask -- we as paying customers should have some insight to the direction that the product is headed, as well as some level of ability to steer the ship.

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etc. etc. etc.

Being a paying customer allows you just that - the ability to use the features that are included with a premium account. If you want to know general directions, there's the blog. Or the podcasts.

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I don't have a specific date for when we might have an integrated audio recorder on the Mac client, but that would certainly be a consistent feature to add.

In the mean time, if you have any other Mac utilities that record to WAV, MP3, or AMR formats, you could either drag the audio clip from that app into Evernote (or onto our dock icon), or perhaps even script something using AppleScript.

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