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None of my IFTTT apps to Evernote are working.

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I have a number of them and they have been working for years. And they all say connected but when I run them on my android phone nothing happens. Ones that let me make notes open a screen but no way to make an entry, and pressing the Evernote button does nothing. I have looked everywhere to find something I need to reauthorize or what not but nothing. Where do I find the place to connect IFTTT to my Evernote account? 

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Boy, none that I can discover. I have narrowed it down to any app that takes input. It opens a screen but no data entry field and pressing the evernote button causes it to dim, but does not "enter". I am thinking it is the phone os which was android 10 until yesterday and now the phone is a replacement still on android 9. So a fresh install of the service on a new phone did not resolve the problem as you might hope. This problem started well before the poor phone got fried. DO buttons do work. And yes, they all worked quite fine since as early as 2015. 

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It is always simple to say „in general“, but if it worked „before“ and does not work „now“, then something must have changed.

And the most likely culprit are updates, of the OS or of either one of the apps involved.

If you set up a new ZAP, maybe an easy one just for proof of concept, does this work ?

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