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(Archived) Folder for Notebooks?

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I'm currently using Evernote to keep track of all my classes.

There are subject areas: History, Architecture, Chinese so on and so forth.

There are more specific and still pretty broad subject areas: Passive House- History of the Near East, Hittites, Chinese culture, Chinese Language.

It would be nice to have a way to group these together as notebooks within notebooks or folders for such notebooks.

I am currently labeling stuff Architecture:Passive Houses or Classical History : Near East and so forth.

Would this be hard to implement?

Thanks, Gustavo

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I have been using Evernote for a couple of years and this year decided to pay for the Premium account for class notes. Between work, home, and classes, I am too many notebooks already. I need to have them in folders. One for school, one for home, one for work, and then have the notebooks inside the folders. I like Evernote, but the organization part is a killer for me, and makes it so I have to do things in other applications. Yes, tags. I like tags for metadata, but not organization.

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Thanks for the suggestions and feedback about this feature. We know that this is a commonly requested features, and we are definitely interested in being able to organize notebooks into folders (or maybe "bookshelves" or "stacks", since a bunch of notebooks wouldn't really fit in a physical "folder"...)


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