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Is evernote still being developed?

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All clients have been updated recently. Part of the updates were forced by updates of the underlying OS, but more and more of them deliver new or unified functions to the users.

I would have understood the question a year ago - today I regard it as uninformed or polemic.

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Sorry, I cannot discover any substantial innovations: no different highlighter colors in Evernote  for Windows and Android, still different behavior of the editor in Android and Windows e.g. for text input, no consistent formatting on different platforms, no hierarchical outlining in notes, no styles for headers etc., ...

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55 minutes ago, Holgergrunen said:

Sorry, I cannot discover any substantial innovations

Maybe it's 🙈
Are you switching your topic from  "still being developed" to "substantial innovations?

imho This is a mature product; a digital filing cabinet with a note editor   
I'm not looking for "substantial innovations".  My interest is feature parity between the platforms

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By the way: What are we going to vote for in this thread ?

As a voting issue, neither the initial question nor the answers are set in a way were a vote would make sense.

And to define „development“ in a way that means „put my pet issues into the next release“ makes even less sense - unless you are the owner and have unlimited resources to spend.

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