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Templates line in note editing

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A thing that annoys me since the update that brought us templates into note editing is the fact that, if I accidentally tap on the empty space below 'Templates' in an empty note - or if my keyboard on the phone doesn't show up fast enough and I tap somewhere else in the empty space of the note - I need to tap in the first line of the note to make it editable again.

Sometimes I even need to tap the first line to start editing the note anyway, even after clicking the green floating option to create a text note. I don't understand why are there those inconsistencies that allow, for example, two behaviours when I need to create and start writing a new note.

It is a major loss regarding intuitive use of phone, since before that we could tap on the empty space of the note to start editing it.

First I thought it was a minor thing, but comparing with other apps, it means comfort and ease of use when you are on the go and want to create a note fast, to leave all of the empty space as a "tappable" space to start writing. Not infrequently I have to tap tap two or three times before realising I have to touch on the first line only, ignoring a huge space that was once touchable. When you think of speed regarding note taking, it's serious concern.

I really wish the team could revise that in following updates, maybe leaving an option for templates in the big green balloons of the first editing menu (along with audio, photo, etc). To be honest I never use templates when I need to take a note fast of an idea or something else on the go. It should be clean and fast note taking as default.

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