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Upgrading to 6.22.3 for Windows

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I got a notification that 6.22.3 Public (308816) is available, but the link here - https://evernote.com/download takes me to which I already have. Does anyone know where I can get the latest version?

Also the notification says an administrator needs to login to install it - does it mean login to Windows as admin, or can I just run the installer as admin?


Many thanks.

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5 minutes ago, gazumped said:

Help > Check for Updates

I too did that, but I have more than one system and rather than download 125MB for each, I figured I would grab the installer and save the data. I eventually located a link to it but am unsure how to stick that link in a forum posting so I tried to point to the specific forum section where I found it. Not sure if even that worked but I did get my installer and updated everything.

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15 hours ago, gazumped said:

In Evernote for Windows I just went for Help > Check for Updates and the existing app downloaded the update.  The installation was a bit hit and miss,  but that might just be my system...

I have the Business version so the download button is greyed-out. It says I need to login as administrator to do the upgrade. I used the download link Iriska posted, and did a right-click and run as Administrator rather than login to Windows as Admin. All worked fine so now on 6.22.

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