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Lost content of a note




I lost the content of a note I ve been working on for some time. Note still is accessible in a list, but completely empty... 

Is there any option to retrieve it? go to previous version?

I have some important things for me in app, Do I have to worry about QoS?

There is no option to contact with company as well... 

Thanks for any Help


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Hi, @emmeer, and welcome to the forums. What means are you using to access Evernote? If you're using the Web beta, there have been other reports of data loss in the forum dedicated to it: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/235-web-client/. You may find some solutions in those threads. In particular, if you are using the Web beta, there should be a black button saying so at the bottom right. Click on that and revert to the Classic editor, and see if that helps.

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