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"Double (or SINGLE) tap to edit" risks loss of note contents

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[Android] This comments started by saying the "double tap to edit" feature makes it too easy to accidentally open 'edit mode' and requesting to turn that off, because there is a floating button already available anyway.

And that is true.....However, I tried measuring the time interval between taps for the double tap and discovered you don't need to double tap.....just a single tap anywhere, wait 3 seconds, and you are in edit mode! SINGLE TAP!! That makes it WAY TOO EASY to go into edit mode, and has led to inadvertently editing  (butt-pressing) the contents of notes and has led to total loss of note contents. (Somehow by butt-pressing "select all" and then one keystroke overwrites the contents.)

So, please make entering edit mode require a press on the floating pencil icon only. That would be much simpler and more secure.

(This behaviour is worsened by the 'always on' behaviour of Evernote Android which makes the time of exposure to such a risk much, much longer.)



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Hi, and welcome to the forums. Please be aware that these are mainly user-to-user forums, rather than a way to address Evernote directly. Since you've got a premium subscription, you could actually contact them through the support system: https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new.

There is a forum specifically set up for feature requests and other Android feedback: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/208-evernote-for-android/. That would be a good place to post this, after checking to make sure it hasn't already been requested (which I think it may, but I'm not sure). For myself, I find the single-tap to edit feature very useful, particularly since I can scroll down a long note and begin editing there if I see something that needs editing. So far, my butt seems much less talented than yours at making accidental edits and deletions. :D But it would be good for this feature to be configurable in the settings.

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