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How can I find all my reminders in the new beta?


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23 minutes ago, sandyn said:

I received a note that a reminder was due today - but couldn't get to it to change.  Is something changed in the new beta?

Are you using the Windows native client or are you accessing Evernote from the web on Windows?  When you say you couldn't change it, do you mean the reminder date or are you having trouble finding the reminder?  Some additional information and a screenshot would help.

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Thank you for responding.  I am accessing Evernote from the web on Windows.  I have attached a screenshot with text blurred.  I think you can see it is

the new beta version.  I would like to be able to see a list of all reminders - especially the one that I received an email from with today's date.

Previously, I believe all my reminders would appear at the top of All Notes - and I could simply hide them and then see all my notes and could sort 

by various selections.  Doesn't seem to show the reminders now - but perhaps I am doing something wrong?

See attached screenshot.

Evernnote Screenshot.pdf

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I went back to the email I received - and was able to click on the email and bring it up.  It contained a symbol in the lower left hand corner - and I wanted to change the

date, but nothing happened when I clicked on the symbol.    I then went back to my individual evernote account (not on the Web version) and was able to find the note and

change the due date.  So - no harm - but perhaps the Web version does not have that feature yet?


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3 minutes ago, sandyn said:

but perhaps the Web version does not have that feature yet?

Correct, the web version doesn't support reminders yet, just the native client version at the moment.  Glad to hear you sorted it out.

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I think the beta is now the New Evernote Web, without feature parity and the inability to sort large note lists.  Version 5.27.0.  Glad I don't have to use the web often.  Old and new account screen shots below.

ScreenClip.png.2ab9c25c76f513f37290fe1b41809123.png  ScreenClip.png.f61a4a48d9a04173a973eb57dee6cd4f.png


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Yes, the Evernote web betas have been numerous and confusing.  It now looks like they have dropped "beta" and have only "new Evernote Web" (though it is still not feature complete) and "previous version of Evernote" and the new Evernote Web has either the beta editor or classic editor options.

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