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(Archived) New Feature: Original Date

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When I scan a document into EN, I usually care about the original date of the document, not the date that it was entered into EN. So I edit the Created Date, but that loses the scan date, which I sometimes need. The Updated Date field doesn't quite capture the semantics, since I have never actually updated the note itself.

You might take a cue from the digital photo people, and store several dates as metadata:

Date Created (i.e., the original document date--maybe even grabbed by OCR)

Date Digitized (scanned or otherwise entered into EN)

Date Modified (or as you call it, Updated)

Photos can even have a separate "Metadata Date" item that records the most recent date that the file's metadata (tags and other header info) was updated.

It will be a wonderful world when all the various kinds of metadata can play together nicely. Those interested in this topic might enjoy looking at metadataworkinggroup.org .

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FWIW, since I'm usually very diligent about entering titles, if the date is important to me, I'll normally preface the title with the date in YYYYMMDD format. IE, my journal entries. I'm in the process of migrating old journal entries from Daynotez. So in case the create date gets munged in Evernote (not that I suspect it should...just that I'm normally over cautious :lol: ) I'll still be able to list the journal notes in order by date of occurrence. Anyway, maybe you could do something similar like preface "scanned on yyyymmdd - " to your title. That would allow you to sort them in scan date order (IE title).

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