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I like notepad but the design is very annoying.

I only have one note but when I open the app in Android, it comes up as top of a list, so I have to click on it to open it

I only have one notebook, I'd like to click the app then have the one notebook open.
This is how all the other notebooks I've used work - or they have a default notebook that opens automatically.

It would be good if this were chagned.




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1 minute ago, t87699 said:

I'd like to click the app then have the one notebook open.

Hi again - the Evernote for Android App offers the flexibility of different stacks, notebooks and tags.  You can have only one notebook,  but the initial display defaults to 'All Notes' which is a list of titles,  not a single note.  It is possible to have a widget on your home page to save a new note quickly,  or you could save a shortcut to one or more particular notes to open and edit it/ them.

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