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Cannot revoke iPhone

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I am having a trouble of revoking an iPhone of my partner with whom I shared one note. She deleted the app afterwards, but about every other week I get a message saying then iPhone is connected again. Since I use my phone (Android) as well as PC, this message annoys me for already about 3 month. Today, it even said that I cannot use Evernote anymore because I exceeded the number of revoking in this month. Luckily web interface works somewhat ok-ish. So, my question is: how do I revoke her iPhone permanently?

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You can always use the web client to access your account, and revoke access of devices. The limit of revocations on the Basic accounts is pretty new. From the feedback from EN we users have learned that some used the revocation actively to circumvent the restrictions of the Basic accounts.

If you can’t unshare by using the original iPhone, probably your best chance to get things solved would be to subscribe for a single month to Premium, and get support to sort it out for you.

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Maybe yes, maybe no.

But currently you are on a free ride - and Support resources (= people willing to deal with questions like this, day in, day out) are valuable.

So maybe you see it like a onetime fee for getting assistance. It will not cost more than a cup of Starbucks brew ...

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