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Attachments FROM EN to email

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13 minutes ago, required_username said:

How do I attach an EN document to an email?

I use the email note in the share feature on my Mac    
Attachments are included automatically

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1 hour ago, required_username said:

Thanks for the quick reply.

I can find how to share a note.  I can't find how to share just one document within a note.  Couldn't find the answer in HELP.

You can add the email icon to the toolbar.


You can use the down arrow in the PDF view and save the document to the desktop, then drag into your email.  I miss the older version of the PDF editor in EN when you could simply drag the PDF to the email, oh well...


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3 hours ago, required_username said:

I have a LOT of documents imported into EN (W10).  . . .

How do I attach an EN document to an email?

It appears you are  using EN Win, so this may not help you.  But for those EN Mac users who are lurking about, I find that I can 

Do Either:

  • Drag the attachment from an EN Note to the Outlook 365 icon in the Mac dock
  • Drag the attachment from an EN Note to the headers section of an open compose email (OL 365).

Running Evernote 7.13 (458080) on macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave).

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