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Note self-deleted

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In an attempt to prune, and then merge, two related notes into a single, larger, more focused note, the content of one of them simply disappeared while I was editing titles. Edit / Undo produced nothing, leading me to believe that it wasn't anything I did.  I signed in online and its content was missing there, as well.

I understand the 'Note History' feature that exists if you are a Premium user, but I haven't gotten my project to that level yet.  Is there anything I can do about this? Customer service does not exist for me. 


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13 hours ago, the_student said:

the content of one of them simply disappeared while I was editing titles.

My solution for corrupted data is to recover from backups

I have personal backups, and as you mentioned Evernote has Note History backup    
It's running several times a day; for all accounts - Basic included

Access to the Note History data is a paid feature, but you can subscribe for a single month.    

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4 hours ago, the_student said:


Just a bit frustrated that my two options seem to be 1) lose my work/data or 2) pay to resolve their tech glitch in order to restore my effort. 

When notes are merged, the originals go into trash.  Did you try looking there?

Not to pour salt in the wound but the third option, which you don't have, is to restore from personal backups.  Something to think about for the future.  IIRC the monthly rate is around $5.  Not a bad fee to get your data back especially for a user on the free plan.

FWIW I've also never lost data where I can definitely pin the blame on Evernote.  It has only been on my end usually moving data around.

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A truth learned already in my twenties: Any real computer problem is found 80cm in front of the monitor (This was when an OS was still called MS-DOS and would mount from a 5,25“ Floppy disk).

So save yourself a cup of Starbucks, pay the one-month-Upgrade and get your data back.

Good luck !

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This was an anomaly. I've certainly accidentally deleted or mis-copy & pasted.  But Edit / Undo and/or using the Restore from Trash have always given me the ability to address my own mistake.  

In this case, my note's content literally just disappeared. I was accessing it, I switched to another note, clicked back to it... gone. 

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OK, then you were working on the local database on your MBP at that time.

If you are running TimeMachine, it could be possible (technically) to retrieve something from the TM backup.The main issue there would be to identify the relevant notes, and pull them out. Since I never tried something like that, I have no clue of how to do it. My first Backup is holding my data in the iCloud.

Probably it is easier to invest into the 1-month-susctiption and get it back from note history - compared to the time needed for the local alternative.

Some folks here in the Forum run a specific export of their EN database into an export file based on an automated process. This is like creating a note history based on local backups. Maybe something for the future ... I run a daily copy of the EN data folder on Windows, using Acronis.

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