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Emailing to Evernote with Attachments - MSFT Outlook

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If I forward an email with an attachement from a Hotmail/Outlook account using MS Outlook for Windows PC - usually a PDF - the attachment is not accesible in Evernote.

The email is there as a note, but with a winmail.dat file attached, rather than the pdf that I want.  This file seems to be the right size, as though the pdfs are in there somewhere.  The text comes through, but without images  In pace of the images I get all kinds of safelinks.protection.outlook.com mumbo jumbo, even though in Outlook the sender has been accepted as 'safe' and I can see the images.

  • My Android email works as I expect - I get the full email with images and PDF in Evernote when I forward from my hotmail account using Android Mail. 
  • Forwarding to Evernote from Hotmail in a browser (ie online) also works as expected.
  • Forwarding using Outlook on the PC from my non-MSFT email account also works fine.

The only probelm is when I use Outlook on the PC, with my Hotmail account.

Is this some strange set up that MSFT default to?  If so I would appreciate any advice because this is very annoying - most of the pdf's I want to keep on Evernote are bills and personal records, that come into my personal hotmail account.

A quick Google search suggests this might be becasue I forward the email as Rich Text, but this is not the case, the email to Evernote goes as HTML.

Or is the problem at Evernote's end?


Thanks for your help.


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Hi.  This has been raised before;  not sure if there is a conclusion.  See https://www.slipstick.com/problems/outlook-is-sending-winmail-dat-attachments/ for some history on this.  It will probably be of no help at all to you that I send emails to Evernote using Evernote's Outlook Clipper,  and a snazzy little function* in Outlook 2013 called "Quick Steps" that gives me a one-click way to forward emails with (within limits) specific additions to email subject lines like @<notebook> and #<tag>.  Attachments come along fine.

I'm actually using Gmail,  IMAPped through Outlook,  and some automatic forwards go direct under Gmail account rules - that's less fancy;  just the bare email to my default notebook,  sorted later.

There's also an Evernote Browser Gmail Clipper which I use from time to time.  You might want to check to see what similar functions Hotmail has.

* Quick Steps got renamed and possibly replaced in later Outlook versions...

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