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Notebook design fault



Notebook isn't designed correctly when there is just one note.

When opened, it comes up with the note in list form, you have to click on it to open it. Even though there is just one.

This is very annoying and unnecessary.


If there is one note, then it should just open automatically, when Note book is opened.

Making it more efficient.




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17 minutes ago, t87699 said:

If there is one note, then it should just open automatically, when Note book is opened.

Which platform/device are you using?    
On my Mac and iPad, the single note is displayed for a Notebook, Tag  or Search



>> Android

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54 minutes ago, t87699 said:


It does not do this, there is only one note but I have to click on it to open it after opening the app, as if it is on a list.

OK, so what you're asking for is that Evernote, when it detects that you have a notebook that contains only one note, automatically opens that note? Seems like it would be work wasted on something that probably rarely happens in the realm of Evernote users, most of whom have multiple notes in each notebook. But hey, it might happen.

In the mean time, I think that what you might try is making a shortcut to that note, which will appear in your Shortcuts list, then you can tap on that, and the note will open. Open the note's notebook, and then long-press on it so that a checkbox appears to the left of the note header.Then open the three dot menu at the top of the screen, and select "Add to shortcuts". That should now be in your shortcuts list.

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6 hours ago, t87699 said:

Thanks but that does the same as what I have now, I open the app and then click on the notebook, which comes up as top of a list, although there's only one.

In the latest release, 8.12.3, on my Pixel 3a, a shortcut to the note goes directly to the note, skipping the list. Not sure what the difference in your case...

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