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Unable to expand Left Panel

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Works fine on my Desktop PC but not on my new Dell XPS 13.3" Ultrabook.  Not sure if it's due to the resolution of the XPS.  Pressing F10 does nothing and I'd like to expand the Left Panel.  Rebooting, uninstalling/reinstalling does not fix the issue for me.



2019-12-06 21_17_29-.png

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I *think* I fixed it; time will tell.   I changed from the default resolution of 3840x2160 to 2048x1152.  I was then able to press F10 in EN and VOILA! The Left Panel appeared.  I then changed my screen resolution back to the preferred default resolution of 3840x2160 and the Left Panel remained fully visible. Really bizarre.  Is this a bug in EN?

2019-12-06 21_33_06-Settings.png

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