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Must I wait for Clipper to Complete?

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If I recall correctly, I read somewhere that I must wait for EN Web-Clipper to complete before navigating to another app, or browser tab, else it might stall/fail etc, is this right?  I only ask as sometimes long form web-pages can take a while to clip.

Web-clipper options I have configured include: 

  • Default Clip Action = 'Article'  
  • After Clip: = 'Show successful clip dialog'

I use web-clipper for Chrome on a Windows 10 PC, and use EN-for-Window v6.18.4


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Hi.  AFAIK you do need to keep the browser tab open on the page you're clipping until Evernote pops up with a confirmation that the clip is done,  but there's nothing (again AFAIK) that stops you switching tabs or opening a new one to look elsewhere while you wait...  Most of my clips seem to complete fairly expeditiously anyways so I don't recall any need to find something to do in the interim...

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